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Welcome to S.L. Contracting Inc, your trusted partner in construction excellence! With over four decades of expertise in the Rochester area, we stand as a reputable local construction company ready to bring your vision to life. At S.L. Contracting Inc, client satisfaction is our guiding principle. Our unwavering commitment ensures that we tailor our services to meet the unique goals of every client. Whether you're embarking on a sizable project or a more modest endeavor, our dedicated team is here to deliver outstanding service, turning your construction dreams into reality. Choose S.L. Contracting Inc for a construction experience marked by reliability, experience, and unparalleled commitment to satisfaction.



Established in 1980, S.L. Contracting Inc. specializes in heavy equipment dirt contracting, focusing primarily on commercial grading and utility installation services. Our dedicated team includes certified pipe fitters, operators, and confined space specialists. As a company, our commitment extends to fostering enduring relationships with our customers, aiming for 100% satisfaction on each project.

A pivotal expansion occurred in 1994 with the creation of Rochester Service Co., a division of S.L. Contracting Inc. Over the years, Rochester Service Co. has evolved into a comprehensive commercial service maintenance company. The division boasts certified experts in erosion control, grounds maintenance, and asphalt paving. Committed to providing tailored outdoor solutions, Rochester Service Co. rejects the one-size-fits-all approach, prioritizing your specific needs. As an integral part of S.L. Contracting Inc, Rochester Service Co. embodies a legacy of excellence and dedication in the construction and maintenance industry.

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