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SL Contracting is a dirt service contracting company specializing in utility installation and grading. 

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Excavation & Earthwork
Septic Tanks 

Our demolition services offer customers a safe and effective way to tear down and remove their structures. Every demolition is special to us and we take the appropriate steps before removing material and disposing of waste.

We make sure our customers receive a quality product by helping assess and plan the best way to move material on their projects. We take pride in our skilled earth movers performing mass excavation and site work.

When it comes to grading, we have the professional operators and specialized equipment to grade projects and provide accurate surfaces for proper slope and drainage.   

Offer services installing and/or removing septic systems of any size.

Utility Installation
Underground Storage Tank Install & Removal

Keep the jobs rolling with our fleet of tractor lowboys and quad-axle dump trucks. Our drivers are experienced and have the skills to complete projects of any size.

Providing utility services for over 40 years. Specializing in new install and reconstruction of sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water main utilities.

Several years of experience installing and removing
underground storage tanks. 

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